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Types of Pads you can use
with the MexiStim Polarity Cycler

KeelyNet I include a roughly 1 foot square piece of aluminum screen wire with the Basic Mexistim and two of them in the Universal Mexistim. But you might want to order a more flexible conductive material. Living in Mexico, it costs me 30% of value import fee for anything I receive here.

I buy my wirescreen from a local hardware store. They have several grid sizes and some are fiberglass so you have to be sure your wirescreen is truly wire and conductive, fiberglass is not conductive.

Every hardware store I've been in has at least two sizes of these and back in Texas, every hardware I visited had even more grid sizes and they will cut it to any size you want.

I try to get the thinnest available because it is more flexible, easier to handle and yet still conductive.

Early on, I spent about $200 buying roughly 5 different types of flexible conductive fabrics from You can just scroll down the page to see them all at once.

KeelyNet You can also use the emergency space or camping blankets which are made of aluminized mylar. One side is conductive and the other is not.

The blanket is about 52" X 84", absolutely HUGE so you can cut it into about any size you want to place over whatever part of your body that needs focused energy.

This a most remarkable material, designed to reflect body generated infrared to keep the body warm in even the most extreme cold. And it is conductive to boot.

Failing rocketless engine discoveries, at least this is one good thing NASA has come up with out of 13 billion a year that has actually trickled down to useful, easily available products to make our lives better. You can buy these at Walmart or any store with a camping or hunting and fishing section.

KeelyNet"Shiny, smooth fabric with pure copper. Light weight and flexible. Easy to cut and sew like ordinary fabric. Better color stability due to tarnish resistant finish. High conductivity and shielding performance. Use it for drapes, wall covering, garments, pouches and more. Great price too! 42.5 inch wide"

The copper type fabric that I think best is Catalogue # A1212 and sells for $10.95 per linear foot (12 inches) and they add a $10.00 Surcharge

KeelyNet I tested this copper fabric which is of course conductive on both sides and several others, but I think the copper is best. It does stain fairly easily so they have a nickel/copper fabric which would work just as well and;

"Same high shielding effectiveness as Pure Copper Polyester Taffeta (above), but vastly superior tarnish and corrosion resistance due to Nickel plating. Polyester ripstop base fabric for toughness and light weight. Only 0.08mm thick. Surface Resistance: 0.01-0.03 Ohm/sq. Because Nickel may produce skin allergies, this material is not intended for direct contact with skin. Protective gloves are recommended when handling this material. 42.5 inch wide."

It is just a bit more expensive but I think worth it because of the stain resistance. Our bodies all LEAK in one way or another so it would nice to just wipe it off...... This nickel/copper fabric is $12.95 per linear foot (12 inches) and you still pay the $10.00 surcharge.


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