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MexiStim / Energy Cleaner other uses and oddities


Antigravity and CCW rotation

Here we find a correlation between the CCW healing effect claimed by Lee Crock and apparent antigravity. This excerpt is from

"Lee Crock says a counter clockwise (CCW) motion of the hands is positive, discharges the cellular electrical energy and relieves pain within about 14 minutes. As opposed to a clockwise (CW) motion, which is, negative and refills the body's cells with energy."

Scientists 'beat gravity' using a gyroscope

A TEAM of scientists backed by a leading Japanese multi-national company claims to have found a way of generating "anti-gravity" using nothing more than a spinning gyroscope.

Although the claimed effect is extremely feeble - amounting to a loss in weight of just one part in 7,000 - the team insists that it cannot be explained away as experimental error.

The principle behind the experiment is very simple. After spinning up the gyroscope to 18,000 revolutions per minute, it is put inside an airtight container and allowed to fall between two laser beams. These record how long the gyroscope takes to fall nearly 6ft between the two beams. Any reduction in the strength of gravity reveals itself in a slight increase in the time it takes to fall the 6ft.

In a series of 10 runs, the team found that the gyroscope took about 1/25,000 of a second longer to fall when it was spinning than when it was stationary - equivalent to an anti-gravity effect of just one part in 7,000. And in a curious twist,

the anti-gravity only appeared when the gyroscope
was spinning anticlockwise (CCW).

The team members claim that both this, and the size of the effect, are in line with earlier findings published by them in 1989.

Reporting their latest results in the journal Speculations in Science and Technology, they say: "We conclude that our previous result concerning weight- change measurements are substantiated."



The following was extracted from the defunct crockfountain.htm page;

How the energy cleaner works with its electric energy and the electric energy of all plants and animals.

MexiStim The Lord used the same electric energy in all his creations and it is 4.5v and 40 amps and will operate all animals and 3 minute frequency is running the live body at top speed to clean a broken down body to be clean-healthy-happy-young.

This horse was stimulated with the energy cleaner.

The torn away flesh had all healed in 90 days and grew new hair leaving no scar.

This horse fell out of a trailer and was dragged on the highway on it side over 300 yards in Jan. 2006.

It was treated with an energy cleaner. In 3 months it had healed up and grew hair.

Several people have observed that cats, dogs and other animals love to lay on blanket or cushion on top of the wirescreen and claim it also helps animals with their health issues.



The following was extracted from the defunct crockfountain.htm page;


You can see the 6 vegetable gardens with tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, corn, onions, strawberries, cabbage, peppers.

The Strawberry garden with 2 inch strawberries that weigh 2 ounces.
One of the 2 flower gardens treated with the Energy Cleaner

MexiStim MexiStim

Universal Electric Energy on Plants


The Fountain of Youth

"The energized bath uses a hot tub, bathtub or kiddie pool with Epson Salts added to increase the alkalinity of the water. The aluminum pad from the Energy Cleaner is placed in the water to make an energizing bath. It is advised to soak in the energized bath 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. Make your own energized bath by placing the aluminum screen in the water of the hot tub, bath tub or kiddie pool, hooking it to the energy cleaner while you soak."

The following was extracted from the defunct crockfountain.htm page;

MexiStim To clean the body from all toxic poison by bathing in Lees Fountain of Youth for 2 hours it will move more toxins out of the cells of the body than all other methods in the world. Lees Fountain of Youth is working with Mother Nature to clean the body and jumpstart the circulation of the body to heal the cells.

The same energy the body's magnetic electric is that the heavy metal was pulled into the body with. The universal electric energy in the Fountain of Youth will pull the heavy metal out of the body and store it in the energy cleaner in the Fountain of Youth.

By bathing in the Fountain of Youth 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening over a period of time everyone using the the Fountain of Youth high blood pressure and cholesterol, they all came down to around 100 over 50 with 60 heart beat. And when the pressure comes down the cholesterol comes down with it.

When bathing in the Fountain of Youth with cancer the tumors came down and disappeared or dried up to be a loose separated ball laying there to be picked out. People on oxygen 24-7 bathing in the Fountain of Youth stopped using oxygen all together. People on dialysis by bathing in the Fountain of Youth the kidneys started up to working. the Fountain of Youth is the body's cleaning machine of the world. It's easy-fast-inexpensive for everyone can use it.

The Fountain of Youth is the work horse here at the Energy Lodge. It can do what 6 people can do by hand and it is ready 24-7 everyday and relieves the hard work of doing it by hand.



The following was extracted from the defunct crockfountain.htm page. It is an example of the inaccurate and confusing claims made for the Energy Cleaner device.

To clean the old used waste out of the cells you must reverse the flow of the universal electric energy to get it to put a positive polarity charge on it so the electrolysis will pick it up and carry it back to the electric source of the energy cleaner electric being used to charge the heavy metal molecules that are plugging up the bodyís energy channels. And the electrolysis will pick up the molecules of heavy metal and carry them back to the negative plates in the batteries of the electric source being used of the energy cleaner.

The energy cleaner has the exact same universal electric energy as the human body. And it does pull the heavy metal out of the body and stores it in the 9 batteries in the energy cleaner so the batteries in the energy cleaner will never go dead until a battery gets a hole in it. And that takes years for that to happen.

The heavy metal particles that are fused into the negative plate of the battery is rebuilding the batteries supplies of electric to keep going.

You can do it by hand to use your bodyís magnetic electric energy to do the same and your body will pull the heavy metal out of another body. But always have 2 people to do it. Because if you used your right hand to charge the molecules of heavy metal with the positive polarity charge then use you left hand to put the negative charge on the body pulling the heavy metal out it will work real well for taking the metal out.

But your positive charge is on the metal particles and your electric energy will store the metal in your body. And that is exactly what took place that caused the heavy metal that has plugged up the energy channels that shut the circulation down so the body developed cancer.

It takes 2 people if you do it by hand using the bodyís universal electric energy to clean the energy channels and jumpstart the cells for the body energy to start circulating to clean the toxic waste out of the cells to clean cancer from the body to be clean-healthy-happy-young.

Itís your choice. If doing it by hand its hard work. And if you donít understand universal energy well it can be dangerous if you donít discharge the heavy metal you pull out of the other body. The energy cleaner does the same thing but it needs the heavy metal in its batteries to keep it going.




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