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Disclaimer : This is not a recommendation nor intended as medical advice for any health condition or problem. If you have health issues, please consult a licensed, qualified medical practitioner.

MexiStim / Energy Cleaner Operation

Lee Crock says a counter clockwise (CCW) motion of the hands is positive, discharges the cellular electrical energy and relieves pain within about 14 minutes. As opposed to a clockwise (CW) motion, which is, negative and refills the body's cells with energy.

The electronic principles of this kind of machine are quite simple, but whether or not the machine does anything other than placebo effect is up to the user, further experimental inquiry, and maybe the proper use of the aluminum screen.

The belief posited by the group of people who support this aura therapy/energy cleaner device is that the human body is damaged and repairs itself, replacing practically your entire body mass over a particular span of time. For certain body parts the replacement time is short, and for others it is very long. If living things have any form of energy field around them, then it likely interacts somewhat with its surroundings, and visa versa.

The knowledge or intelligence of one's entire being is supposedly contained within your cellular DNA and RNA. If some of these molecular structures are damaged (as is probably the case for cancer), it will impact the correctness of your health- - and the way your body's repair system may or may not repair itself correctly.

Whether these fields stem from or interact with these building blocks of DNA / RNA or not to signal damage, repair, or the opposite, no scientists can be certain without being able to measure subtle energy or Orgone energy or bio-electrical auras or whatever hidden, esoteric, arcane mysteries are involved.

The original Lee Crock aura therapy/energy cleaner device sets up a static, low voltage electric field around the patient undergoing the therapy. The field makes use of the electro-chemical properties of low impedance D-cell alkaline batteries connected in a bank of 3 volts DC.

The static field is established in a sandwich geometry with one screen / conductive blanket above the bed mattress of the patient and the other one under the patient, but neither making contact with the patient or the opposite polarity blanket / screen (preventing the battery causing a short circuit). Electrically, the patient is inside an electrical capacitor between the plates of opposite electrical polarity.

The Lee Crock aura therapy device then uses an electrical timer set to trip every 12 to 18 or so minutes to switch the polarity of the screens / conductive blankets / electrical plates. This is usually implemented using a double pole - double throw relay that toggles the battery leads running to the screens / conductive blankets / electrical plates.

The plan of this scheme is supposedly to reset the "patient's aura" via the influence of the low alternating frequency electric field switching. Crock and his followers think that this is the best thing since sliced bread, claiming that it is like the fountain of youth.

At some point as used with over 10,000 people, Crock says that he found that only one screen needed to be used, and that it somehow worked better that way.

All plants, animals and atmosphere are made up of groups of cells. All cells function by being signaled with a surge of Universal Energy from their control center.

Positive North Pole and Negative South Pole is the universal energy of the world, the sun is the control center for our Solar System.

The human body is made up of groups of cells and makes itís own Universal Electric Energy of 3 volts. The brain is the control center operating the body by sending a signal of positive polarity universal energy to the cells causing the cells to retract and push out what is in them.

After that is completed the control center, the brain sends a surge of negative polarity universal energy which causes the cells to expand and take in new nourishment to feed the cells.

Universal electric energy is DC electric current is a smooth flow of direct current. It has the characteristics of carrying residue with it plugging up the conductor caring the current when the nerves and meridians get plugged. (iontophoresis)

The signal gets weak and shuts down and the cells get sick, swells up, gets toxic and poisons the cells and dies, depending which group of cells shut down as to what the body has wrong with it. If they call it cancer, heart, lung, kidney or liver failure, you are going to have to jump-start the cells to start working and clean the nerves and meridians of residue so the signal can flow through to the cells to work properly and stay healthy.



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