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Disclaimer : This is not a recommendation nor intended as medical advice for any health condition or problem. If you have health issues, please consult a licensed, qualified medical practitioner.

MexiStim Polarity Cycler Instructions


Use of this polarity switching device in no way constitutes or claims to produce medical effects or results. If you have a serious illness or medical condition, please consult a qualified medical practitioner. Use of this machine and any perceived effects resulting therefrom are solely the responsibility of the user.


History of the device

This made in Mexico device is based on the Lee Crock Energy Cleaner machine as patented under US Patent #6,016,450.

The MexiStim is built according to improvements and understandings based on electro-poration, Gianni Dotto, David Hudson and recent discoveries regarding a newly discovered respiration of cells by The Morres’.

The MexiStim device is not a high volume manufacturing operation and is custom made by request.

The basic operation of the machine is simple. A steady state DC voltage is provided from 1.5VDC batteries connected to provide a 3VDC potential.

This potential takes the form of a positive or negative polarity which is alternately applied approximately every 13-16 minutes.

The MexiStim design uses a solid state switching timer powered by an outside DC supply to prevent ripples or drain of the main 3VDC potential.

Dr. Gianni Dotto suggests a pure direct current field as necessary to provide an energy matrix believed to boost the vitality of cells, allowing the body to heal.

Lee Crock believes his patented machine is a mechanical means of ‘laying on of hands’, thought to cause an expansion and contraction of the cells.

This expansion/contraction cycle serves to flush the cells of toxins/irritants believed to be the root cause of many health conditions, cancer, Altzheimers, arthritis, rheumatism, neurological and other forms of physical irritation and degradation.

As the toxins are removed, it is believed the immune system response is improved, thus assisting the body to heal itself.

The original patented machine was believed to somehow interact with the bio-plasmic field of the body, what is termed the ‘aura’.

In 2003, James Morre, of the Purdue School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences, announced results of 4 decades of research into biological clocks with the following;

“The Morres found that cells increase in size at a periodic rate - they enlarge themselves for 12 minutes, then rest for 12 before growing again.

The complex interaction of proteins is the basis for many activities within cells, and James Morre theorized that some undiscovered proteins were responsible for the 24-minute growth cycle. A unique single cylinder-shaped protein molecule regulates the cell enlargement cycle.

This particular protein has two activities: one served as a catalyst for growth activities for 12 minutes and then rested while its other activity took over for the next 12 minutes.

They found they could produce clocks (artificially) with cycles of between 22 and 42 minutes.”

12 to 21 minute half cycles for alternating polarities. Thus, the MexiStim operates in a medium range of approximately 13-16 minutes.


Setup for Operation

Install 10 ‘D’ cell batteries. These batteries can be alkaline OR carbon, both of which have been tested and found to work with no problems.

*** NOTICE ***
If you are NOT in the United States, DO NOT PLUG IN THE AC ADAPTER until you determine if your wall power is 110VAC or 220VAC.

The AC adapter has a switch near the prongs which will let you set it for the voltage you need. It is PRESET for 110VAC as used in the USA. Change as needed.

Insert the plug from the DC adapter into the bottom MexiStim connection. You will notice the adapter is set for 4.5VDC and positive polarity (switch should be up, closest to the transformer).

This is an unregulated adapter so the voltage is actually 9VDC because it doubles the selector switch voltage (4.5 X 2 = 9VDC).

I hot glue the switches to prevent people from altering the tested voltage and blowing up the circuit board.

Plug the adapter into the wall socket and you should have a red light showing on the adapter and inside the MexiStim you will see at least one LED flashing.

Attach the alligator clip to the screen and insert the plug into the top socket connector of the MexiStim. Open the lid of the box and you will see one of the LEDs pulsing and the other LED will switch on and off for each polarity cycling.


Usage of the MexiStim Polarity Cycler

Due to the automatic timer circuit, operation of the device is very simple.

Place the wire screen over the area to be stimulated or put it under a pillow, sheet or mattress pad for use during sleep. If using the wirescreen over the body, it has been found helpful to hold your hand over the screen which is believed to intensify the effect, kind of like a focusing of energy in that area of the body.

It is not necessary that the screen actually touch the skin, but it should be within 6” or so to ensure coupling with the body energy field. I prefer using a large wirescreen of about 3 feet by 4 feet, placed under my mattress pad and connected to the machine. This way I leave it turned on all the time and am exposed to the energy field anytime I am sleeping or in bed.

You can use the smaller pad for daily exposure, then hook the machine onto the big wirescreen under your mattress pad for full nighttime exposure.

Recently a report came in of the batteries coming loose in a Crock unit. Please be aware that if you slam the lid of the MexiStim or are rough with it, one or more batteries might come out of the circuit. Also do not tug or pull the AC power adapter cable as you might short it out.

In cases of chronic or severe health issues, often people report additional urination which will require you drink additional water to avoid dehydration.

Reports also indicate dark and/or smelly urine which eventually converts to clear, non-smelly urine as toxins are removed from the body.

One of the side effects with many alternative health treatments is a release of toxins which some people think is a bad thing.

On the contrary, this is exactly what you want to happen, pimples, skin eruptions, excess urination or bowel movements, fevers, headaches, digestive problems, an entire panoply of side effects can occur when the body is throwing off long present toxins. This is a sign of healing.


Questions or Comments Thank you for your purchase of the MexiStim Polarity Cycler.

You can find additional information and updates about the original Lee Crock device at;

NexCrock article
Email Me


Making bigger Screens

The single wire screen output wire can be attached to other screens, up to a maximum of 4 small ones, 2 large ones or a mix.

This will let several people use the device at one time.

Wire screen can be purchased at any hardware store and the aluminum one works fine. Some think copper screen works better but it is harder to locate and more expensive.

You can cut your wire screen to whatever size you want. I have used a 2 X 3 foot screen and a 4 X 5 foot screen, both of which can be easily oriented under a mattress pad for local exposure or near full body exposure.

A pair of sturdy scissors can be used to cut the wire screen.

Once you have it cut, fold the rough edges over about an inch and crease the wire so they will stay put.

Some have sewn a cloth sleeve to hold the wire screen. This can be easily removed for washing. Most use the wirescreens under a pillow, though a towel or mattress pad also works.


No Safety Hazard

There is no safety hazard since the screen is using an open circuit fed by 3 volts direct current from the combined ‘D’ cell batteries.

This means you can hold the wire screen in direct contact with the skin without any danger.

Whatever is believed to be going on here, whether it is a weak electro-poration effect or even bio-plasma/aura coupling, it appears to work within several inches of the skin.


Recent Communications

In recent communications with Lee, experimenters report attaching the connecting wire to a metal bathtub full of water.

Lee calls this ‘the fountain of youth’ and says you feel great from it. If you don’t have a metal tub, you can hang the wire in the water. In the 1900s, this as called a ‘galvanic bath’ but using much higher currents in a closed circuit.

The MexiStim uses an open circuit with the body as the ‘floating ground’ for whichever polarity is being applied.

As a more flexible conductive pad other than the wirescreen, some have reported using a Mylar aluminized emergency blanket which you can get at WalMart or any store with a camping section. They sell for about $2-3.00US and can be cut to make any size flexible pad you want. However, because it is aluminized plastic, with extended flexing, they might lose conductivity so if you see cracks in it, replace with a new one.



I am hoping people will report in with details of what they used the machine for.

These would include;

Were they tested to verify the suspected condition?

What other treatments had been tried and were there any results?

Where was the wire screen applied, for how long and were there any noticeable effects as a result?

Were formal medical tests done to verify an improvement or ‘spontaneous remission’ of the condition?

Your report would be kept anonymous, the point is to build some kind of database of conditions, protocols for exposure to the machine and results to allow others to study this information.

Good health to you!



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