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History of the MexiStim

A couple of friends told me about Lee Crock, so I finally called him up and we talked for several hours. We had several other telephone conversations that I wrote up in a article for KeelyNet and which was partially published in NEXUS magazine. I invited Lee to speak and demonstrate his Aura Cleaner device at the 2001 KeelyNet Conference in Dallas.

At that time Lee brought several of the 2nd generation black box machines to allow people to test the effect. When he returned home, he left 3 of the boxes with me and I loaned them out to various people who tried them on a variety of conditions with good results.

At the conference, I had studied his machine and decided I could make a version of his 2nd unit much cheaper, so asked him if I could sell them, he said he had no problem with it as long as I wasn't selling hundreds a day. My design has no relation to the patented version which uses two pads.

Lee said the discovery was given to him by god, so his goal was to help as many people with it as he could. I had been planning to move to Mexico for about 2 years and did so soon after.

But I didn't actually make any MexiStim machines for about 2 years or so when people who had read my article kept asking me to build them a MexiStim because they could not afford the $1000 Lee was charging.

I filtered out all the references to universal energy, religion and claims that made no sense technically in order to extract the essence of the device.


The MexiStim uses the single wire method since it was the one used successfully with over 10,000 people according to Lee Crock. Don't mess with what works, but of course there is much room for experimentation here, including bells and whistles for a fancier box that would cost a lost more money.



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