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Knockoff Incorrect Copies of the Mexistim


You'll note in photo A this company actually includes MY ARTICLE published in Nexus magazine as part of their box and without crediting me.

In photo B you'll note their box is 4.5vdc (9 batteries, not 10 batteries wired to provide the original 3vdc) which is NOT the version Lee Crock used on over 10,000 people, despite what these people claim and which others have parroted. I knew Lee personally and spoke with him many times and for hours to get all the details I could provide for the article in Nexus.


The True FACTS and History

I'd like to set out the true facts and history of how this all came to be and how so much of what 'others' are reporting is just wrong and why that is so. I was THERE and brought Lee Crock and his work into the public eye.

The simple fact of the matter is the first version used 10 batteries wired to provide 3vdc and an off the shelf programmable timer that ran on AC.

The second version of the Aura Cleaner used 3vdc from 10 batteries JUST for the screen. The 4.5vdc for the timer came from the AC/DC adapter and neither #1 or #2 could be powered solely from batteries.

The 3rd (Energy Stimulator) and 4th version (Energy Cleaner) were battery powered without needing the AC/DC adapter.

You see, many had asked for a battery powered version but the integrated circuit used in the timer will not work on less than 4.5vdc.

So, totally ignoring the successes using 3vdc solely to be able to stamp them out cheaper as battery powered units, for the 3rd and 4th versions (Energy Cleaner) they went from the proven 10 batteries wired for 3vdc DOWN to 9 batteries wired to provide 4.5vdc to power the timer using the batteries.

They just used the same 4.5vdc to also power the screens and with some marketing hype claimed it was superior though the 4.5vdc versions had nothing like the tests done with version #2 which is what I use in my Basic Mexistim I design.

Why did they perpetrate this bait and switch you might ask?

It was so they could stamp them out and sell by the thousands. Lee told me in 2001 he had sold $900,000 worth of hand made Aura Cleaners at $3,000 each over about a 3 year period (his patent was filed July 2, 1998) and offered me half if I'd sell them for him.

I told him that was too much money for what was in them and I wanted nothing to do with ripping people off. He did finally reduce the price to $1,000 but still that was too much. He was later driven to go for mass production by new business associates who smelled big money.

I'm one who doesn't want to mess with what works...and +10,000 people to me sounds like a pretty good sample, so I designed the Mexistim I (Basic) to use the original 3vdc but I wire mine so I have two sets of voltages, 3vdc for the screen and 4.5 for the timer circuit when running exclusively on batteries.

On the Mexistim II (Universal) I provide the option of using EITHER 3vdc or 4.5vdc, whatever works best for you and it can also be run exclusively on batteries.

I see snarky comments from wannabe techies or people wanting things for free, about how expensive Mexistims are at my $250 and $500 prices but they say NOTHING about Lee charging $3,000, then $1,000. I have to bring in quality unique parts from the USA where Mexican import duty is 30% of the value and it takes time to build and test these machines.

So what, I'm expected to work for nothing and others buy and copy my work and use my articles and reference 'similar to the Mexistim' to sell their knockoffs?

I didn't HAVE to provide plans to build your own if you want so these folks can go find another sandbox to play in as they wouldn't work for nothing and charge nothing if it was theirs.

Most are hilariously WRONG in what they are claiming anyway and how there is a frequency involved or some new age BS, I don't even deal with them. Just what worked and thats the pattern I follow with Mexistims.

Mexistim Sure, you can get effects at almost any voltage and timing interval, but even though these devices are in NO WAY AC, the similar concept of the Q (quality factor where the optimal combination of components produces the strongest response) of tuned circuits applies.

Where the BEST RESPONSE is with the original 3vdc at about 15 minute intervals as discovered by the many tests Lee originally did to discover the best voltage (3vdc), the best switching time (~15 minutes) and the correct number of batteries (10 D cells) to discover what combination produced the best results.

Note: In the diagram, the 10,000 people test was on the Aura Cleaner, NOT the Mexistim. My point is the Mexistim uses the same voltage and timing interval as the 2nd version of the Aura Cleaner which had such amazing results.

So if you want the REAL DEAL in a modern version of the 2nd design which was used with good results with over 10,000 people, then you are on the correct website.


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