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A History of the Lee Crock Machines
Aura Therapy
Energy Stimulator
Energy Cleaner

As far as I can tell, the Crock machine has gone through three generations;


The brown wooden box design with the battery corroded top is one of the original Energy Cleaner machine designs (output to the wirescreen was 3vdc with an AC operated timer)

The 2nd generation Energy Stimulator in the black masonite box (battery operated at 4.5vdc to the wirescreen and also provides power to the timer circuit)

The 3rd generation in the white plastic box after they went commercial (battery operated at 4.5vdc to the wirescreen and also provides power to the timer circuit)

The “Energy Cleaner” device sold here by Lee Crock, U.S. patent #6,016,450, is advertised – as you see in the illustration – “For Recreational Use Only.” But users are warned:

1. No formal studies have been conducted using the Energy Cleaner in conjunction with any disease process.

2. We do not diagnosis or prescribe treatment for illness and/or disease.

3. We cannot welcome visitors with contagious diseases. This is not a medical facility. (referring to his clinic/lodge where people could come for rest and assistance)


Lee Crock's Energy Cleaner Ad from the building.html page;

Energy Cleaner set includes one machine and a full set of pads:

* One small pad measuring 3-4 inches by 24 inches long.
* One pad, 10 inch wide by 52 inch long.
* A screen wire mesh for the Fountain of Youth
* A head bonnet for the head.
* A 5 inch pie pan.
* The cost of the energy cleaner set is $1,000.00.

After using the energy cleaner by sleeping on it each night, wrapping the wrap around pads on any part of the body that has any problem and putting your hand on top of the pad right over the cell in the body having problems and wearing the bonnet and placing a hand on top of the bonnet on top of the head to cover the Crown Chakra for memory loss and also putting a hand over each ear to clear the nerve in each ear and hand over each eye to clear the vision.

After using the energy cleaner for 30 days and you have not benefitted and really don't want to keep it you may ship it back and your money will be refunded; less shipping and a restocking charge of 30 %. If the pads have been stained so that we cannot clean them and sterilize them, we won't be able to refund all the cost of $500.00 on the pads. Only the pads we can clean will be refunded.

(30% of $1000 = $300 + $500 for the pads = $700.00
for a refund of $300.00 out of $1000 paid and
resell the returned unit for another $1000)

The energy cleaner; a small white box 8-1/2" x 6" x 1-1/2" with a brass hook to connect your pads to. By placing the copper cloth pads over the area of the body you wish to target for cleansing it will begin to clean out the toxins in the cells. The energy cleaner is portable. It can be used in your car, favorite chair, bed or even the bath. As long as your pad is hooked to the machine it is working.

The machine uses D size flashlight batteries which last for about three years. You can maximize energy cleansing by using the machine and your own energy together, place your hands on the screens and the machine will coordinate the energy. When the cells lose the signal to the brain, then you must jump start them so that the meridians can clear.

The copper/polyester cloth is $21.00 per square foot, and come in rolls 5 feet wide and 200 feet long. Then we have to cut it in pads and add the electric wire to it.

A lot of people request to buy the parts to the battery operated energy cleaner to put it together their self. The trouble with that is a little complicated. Noble County University owns the patent on the energy cleaner and they have contract that out to the Factory that is making the Energy Cleaner.

The Factory owns the mold for the plastic box and they only run them in 1000 allotments. And they also own the patent on the circuit board with the micro chip. There is no timer or moving parts in the Energy Cleaner. And they feel they can assemble the Energy Cleaner for less than anyone else. And they know it is done right.

There are several different people claiming they have a energy cleaner from $250.00 and up. There is no way they can have a energy cleaner with the circuit board to transfer the raw D.C. current to universal energy and have the two different frequencies the energy cleaner uses.

They are using some cheap timer to switch the frequency. All cheap timers and most of all the gold coated point timer that are very expensive and none of them will last very long when you use them in a energy cleaner they are made to be plugged in and run a year or so non stop.

If you unplug them and take it to work with you after they cool down then plug it back in after a few times they won't start up again. The points corrode and stick then you have lost your energy cleaner, where the micro chip never moves any part and it never breaks down so it can't stick or not start up. Why pay $300 for a machine that uses 110 volt that can kill you when you can buy one for $600.00...

(1000 machines per run X $1,000 per machine = $1,000,000)
Big Business any way you spell it


Scare claims timer to switch the frequency...;
there is no frequency, it is a DC system

...plug it back in a few times and it won't start up again...;
my MexiStim using a switching relay has worked for over 8 years without fail

...110 volt can kill you...;
110 volts for the 9vdc adapter to power the timer


Technical errors for a DC machine

...five times stronger and faster than any DC electric device...;
'faster' might refer to switching time changed from 15 minutes to 3 minutes
the white box energy cleaner is weaker since batteries went from 10 to 9 AND it must now also power the timer from the batteries to increase the electrolysis in the DC current to equal universal energy of the body...;
there is no electrolysis in DC and DC means DIRECT CURRENT
there is no quantifiable measurement for the claim of universal energy in the human body

...circuit board transfers raw DC current to universal energy with two different frequencies...;
nonsensical, there is no such thing as transfer of DC to universal energy
there are no frequencies involved unless he is referring to the 15 or 3 minute switching cycles

As always, 'Follow the Money'


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