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Chakras and the Human Aura

The CHAKRAS are the connecting point where all the MERIDIANS connect to the nerve where it enters the spinal column leading to the brain. All living creatures have an ENERGY field. It can be felt with your hands, seen with skilled eyes or with a special camera. In the past, for thousands of years our ENERGY fields have been spoken of in many different cultures and in many different ways. By understanding and caring for our ENERGY FIELD with the use of the ENERGY CLEANER and balancing we can unlock a healthier future.

Lee showed us photos taken of the aura before using the energy cleaner and it was about 6-12 inches from the body. But after an hour exposure to the energy cleaner, another photograph showed the aura to extend about 3-5 feet on each side of the body. You can see a similar effect in the four aura photos taken with a special Tesla coil aura photography system.

1. Root chakra deals with the physical body support, base of the spine, feet, rectum, and immune system.

2. Sacrum chakra deals with the large intestines, lower vertebrae, pelvis, sexual organs, appendix, bladder, and hip area.

3. Solar Plexus chakra deals with the abdomen, stomach, upper intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen and middle spine.

4. Heart chakra deals with the heart, circulatory system, lungs,shoulders, arms, ribs/breast, diaphragm, and thymus gland.

5. Throat chakra deals with the throat, thyroid, neck,mouth, teeth, gums.

6. Third eye chakra deals with brain, nervous system, ears, eyes,nose, pituitary gland.

7. Crown (top of the head) chakra deals with muscular system, skeletal system, skin.

Here is a quote by Lee about Auras from one of his defunct websites;

A person, who can see the AURA, can isolate the dark areas as inadequate flow of ENERGY. As you feel the CHAKRAS, by passing the hands over them. Different levels of ENERGY will be felt. When an area is not receiving ENERGY properly the ENERGY will be very low. You can feel the CHAKRA is weak and the weaker it is, the bigger problem there is.

You can take your hands and go in a circle counter clockwise several times making the circle the size of the weak ENERGY area that is in the CHAKRA. You will feel the ENERGY building up as it gets stronger, and then keep making the circle a little smaller until the CHAKRA is strong as the others. Many times that will correct the ENERGY problem and the person will feel better again.



These Tesla coil driven Aura photos were taken by the late Chuck Shramek. The lady claimed she could astrally project and when trying to do so in the 4th photo, she said she couldn't leave her body as if she was being prevented by the machine. The 4th photo is most intriguing because it shows the chakras and ghostly image displaced from the normal position in the body. I should note that the chakras are colored in to bright spots according to Chuck.


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