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Disclaimer : This is not a recommendation nor intended as medical advice for any health condition or problem. If you have health issues, please consult a licensed, qualified medical practitioner.

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Benefits Claimed by MexiStim / Energy Cleaner Users

Here are some of the conditions reported to have been alleviated;

relief from pain
more energy
better appetite
less need for inhalers
restful, sound sleep
relief from backache
weight loss
reducing swelling
helps relieve low energy levels
relieves headaches
relieves aches, pain and soreness
increases energy level
helps with kidney stones
cancer remission
stopped foot pain
improved vision
insomnia relieved
relief from allergies


In my (Jerry Decker) case, it has been quite beneficial for;

1) Restful sleep
2) Increased red cell count
3) Elimination of seasonal allergies
4) Increased overall energy
5) No headaches
6) No stomach pains or aches
7) No muscle pains
8) Vivid dreams when I stop using the Mexistim for a few days, then resume using it

When I lived in Dallas for some 25 years, I periodically had all of the above problems which is why I noticed as they dissipated and I realized it was after I starting sleeping on a 3 X 4 foot aluminum wirescreen pad on top of my mattress which was connected to my bedside Mexistim unit.

Others have written with their own experiences and anecdotes relating dissipation of arthritis, cancer, improved memory due to Alztheimers and dementia and various other benefits.

Electronics buffs and professionals like myself question how the MexiStim or Energy Cleaner can do anything since we are taught that we always need a closed loop, meaning a power wire and a ground wire.

I think the body is acting as a 'floating ground' that acts like a mirror to 'source' whatever one wire polarity is being applied. So when the wirescreen is positive, the body acts as negative, when the wirescreen is negative, the body acts as positive.

That would match the theory of a two way flow where one polarity opens the cells to flush them, the other polarity closes the cells to suck in fresh fluid.

MexiStim Of course I can't and won't tell you flat out that it will do anything for you, that is why I posted the wiring diagram here so you can build your own manually switched version and see if it is of benefit to you. Just try it for yourself if you wish and go from there.

But I highly recommend that anyone with health issues seek out a licensed, trained medical practitioner to assist them in resolving their condition.

Do not count on any alternative methods as some miracle cure. Nothing is worse than to be wasting time trying various alternative therapies when you could be getting orthodox medical treatments whose effects are reasonably effective.

Ideally, a selected alternative therapy can co-exist with orthodox treatments and monitoring to gauge effectiveness and verify that whatever you are doing is actually helping you based on medical tests to show the improvement. Good luck and I hope you can regain optimal health, no matter the method(s) you choose to use.

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