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Disclaimer : This is not a recommendation nor intended as medical advice for any health condition or problem. If you have health issues, please consult a licensed, qualified medical practitioner.

An idea for Back Pain (excerpted from a defunct Lee Crock page)

More injuries occur in bed that causes back pain by having a bad mattress causing twist and strain on the spinal column twisting it out of place when pinching a nerve between the shoulders to have shoulder pain. When in the lower back pinching the sciatic nerve causing pain down the legs.

When in the small of the back and a disk pops out then you just have plain back pain that gets your attention.

You must get the muscle relaxed in the spinal column before you can line up the vertebras. Taking pain pills sure wonít do that but is very easy and fast to do.

One method is to take a bath towel and roll it up in a long roll and lay it down on a firm but soft carpet on the floor and place the long wraparound energy pad on top of the rolled up bath towel.

Then lay down on top of the towel lined right up the spinal column from the back of the skull to the pelvis and lay there letting the energy cleaner relax the back muscles.

Lay there 45 minutes letting the body weight line up the spinal column. If you had a bulged disk then have a friend pull on your head pulling the vertebra in the upper back apart and it will suck in the bulge of the disk to be pain free.

If itís in the lower back pull on the legs to stretch the vertebras to suck in the disk pinching the sciatic nerve. That will relieve the pain. It is quick and easy and never fails when pulling the vertebra apart it will suck in the bulge disk so the back is all lined up like a normal spinal column should be to be pain free.


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